Sam McDermott

I am the Schramm Fellow in the theoretical astrophysics group on the 6th floor at Fermilab.

I defended my graduate thesis at the University of Michigan as the student of Kathryn M. Zurek in April of 2014. For my final year in grad school, I was a theory student fellow at Fermilab, working with Dan Hooper and the particle group. I went on to a postdoc at the C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook University on Long Island. For undergrad I attended the University of Pennsylvania, where I was a member of the student radio station, WQHS.

My email address is formed by appending fnal dot (or period) gov to sammcdZeroZero, where each instance of "Zero" should be replaced by its Arabic numeral representation. And in case it matters to you, my ORC-ID is 0000-0001-5513-1938.

Here are some links of interest for FNAL physics activities:
Lab-wide calendar (formerly NALCal?), FNAL 6th floor seminar, FNAL colloquium, FNAL 3rd floor seminar, FNAL "wine and cheese"

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The Dark Matter Inverse Problem: Extracting Particle Physics from Scattering Events