Some Andersonian Physics

This webpage collects some references for a chalk talk/"fireside chat" I gave to the FNAL astro group.

Philosophical Writings

Most famously More is Different and The Case Against the SSC

Gauge Symmetry Breaking

papers on gauge symmetry breaking in 1958 (in superconductors) and 1962
(in the context of elementary particle physics)

a talk by Witten for Anderson's 90th birthday festivities, which I very much found worthwhile, adjudicating issues surrounding the "Anderson-Higgs" mechanism (basically in favor of Anderson as deserving much of the credit for the physics insight)

see also Sec. 2 of the Updated Historical Profile of the Higgs Boson by Ellis, Gaillard, and Nanopoulos

Anderson Localization

Nobel-winning work based on a 1958 article in Phys. Rev

some "particle physics" uses in inflation (very tight analogy to particle production!) and for the hierarchy problem (might require some knowledge of context related to the "clockwork" mechanism)